Traditional Basque cuisine from km0, since 1928

Nearly 100 years as part of the great gastronomic family of San Sebastián

Nearly 100 years serving the classics of Amona cuisine.



The morritos. The Pil Pil. Meatballs. The Marmitako. The squids on Sundays. The Intxaursaltsa.

Almost a century, committed to the cuisine of our wonderful city, reinventing its classics and inventing our own with local raw materials of the highest quality.

One hundred years supporting small producers and km0 products. And we have only just begun!


Can you believe that at Bodega Donostiarra you will find the same pintxos today that we had 40 years ago?

And the fact is that when something is made with quality and care, it is liked.

When something is made in a traditional, simple way, without lengthy elaboration processes, it is repeated.

When something is made like at home, but with that extra creative touch of the professional chef, it is repeated over and over again.

That’s why our cuisine was liked yesterday, is liked today, and will always be liked, at least we hope so! Can you help us to achieve this?

Donostia's stars at La Bodega

The tastiest, the most popular, the coolest!

The Basque flavour of yesterday and today at Bodega Donostiarra!

Create Eco pintxos committed to the Planet and its people

We are a 100% sustainable business. We only use recycled materials and conscientiously separate all our waste, including used oil.

The toner in our printers is refillable, and our ticket paper is bisphenol-free (a substance already banned in France, but used by the vast majority here). Our electricity consumption comes from 100% renewable energy sources.

We also collaborate with the Pintxo Coop initiative and we donate every Euro received entirely to social purposes and local associations that support the most vulnerable people.

We are very aware of the fact that Planet B does not exist and we all have to do our bit to protect our environment and the people who live in it.