One word that defines our cuisine is closeness. Closeness to the land that produces such high quality ingredients. Closeness to a sea that every day gives us extraordinary products. Closeness to the beautiful people of the Basque Country and their unique ability to create flavors that mark our identity and unite us as a community.

Local Donostian gastronomy in the heart of Gros

The owners of Bodega Donostiarra invite you to their little gastronomic home in gros, their maskerido neighborhood.

Our kitchen elaborates with local ingredients of always, adding a touch of creativity creating a unique and different experience. For customers who value close service, who will be attentive to the smallest detail. The ingredients of always, pure Basque feeling.

Our wine list respects the product from the vine, from the land. A non-conformist and restless wine list that seeks to find small jewels.

Working with respect for the product,
its origin, the sea, the earth

We take care of everything down to the last detail: space, dishes, wine cellars and wines selected especially for you.

An intimate, cozy space that evokes the colors and sensations that the Bay of Biscay provokes in us.

A respectful, seasonal and sustainable cuisine, created for you to enjoy with all your senses in the intimacy of the heart of Gros. A cuisine from San Sebastian, with a taste of the sea… our beloved sea. The most beloved cuisine. Basque cuisine.