The winery

Living history of Gros

The original business was founded in 1924, run by a family that had a network of wine cellars throughout the city that were dedicated to the sale of wine..

Gradually these premises became informal “pinchos” and “chiquiteo” bars in neighborhoods such as Parte Vieja, Gros, Sagüés, Amara Viejo, Antiguo and Loiola.

Miguel and Pili reopen the doors of the Bodega Donostiarra in Gros.

The Bodega in 1975

With the arrival of Miguel and Pili, the first pintxos began to be served and, little by little, the bodeguilla became very popular with the locals and the workers of the numerous workshops in the area.

Later, with the construction of the Moneo cubes, the business extended its name beyond the neighborhood of Gros, becoming one of the most popular and beloved places by all the people of San Sebastian.

Miguel Montorio reinvents the old “bodeguilla”.

After a year of closure, Miguel Montorio takes over La Bodega with the support of Miguel and Pili who teach the new kitchen team how to prepare the menu faithfully.

The offer is expanded with new dishes to share, maintaining the essence of the previous era, taking care of the local product that is prepared in a simple and traditional way.

Tables and portions provoke the “meeting” of our customers. In a short time, the Bodega Donostiarra has once again become a favorite place for the local public.

They accompany us on our gastronomic adventure...

Committed people.

For us there is no tradition without good service. It is very important to offer a friendly, close and trustworthy service so that the customer feels at home. Thanks to our team we can achieve this.


Committed to our environment.

We support small producers and nearby suppliers who offer us their first quality products, which are the fundamental basis of our cuisine.

We defend a traditional, simple and healthy cuisine of proximity, without long elaboration processes.

Our quality is to offer the customer our dishes and skewers prepared at the moment.



Following our philosophy, we source our products from local producers in our surroundings: bread, milk, yoghurts, single-dose butter, pastry cream…


Dairy products


Salanort, a company located in Getaria, provides us with octopus, anchovies, sardines, mackerel and cuttlefish.

The white tuna is from Heisa and Yurrita. The anchovies are from Consorcio and Nardín. And Dena Fish supplies us with hake and tiger prawns.


Canned food


The chops, sirloins, entrecôte, and knuckle of pork are from Cárnicas Guikar. The orange label Iberian ham, shoulder and Iberian feather, from Carrasco Ibéricos. We entrusted Casa Tere, from Burgos, with the rice blood sausage.